Dudek takes the win in Teterow as Zmarzlik extends championship lead

Dudek takes the win in Teterow as Zmarzlik extends championship lead

Jasmine Butler

Patryk Dudek took victory in the Teterow Speedway Grand Prix, as Bartosz Zmarzlik extended his lead in the World Championship with a second-placed finish.

Dudek was the outstanding rider all evening, the only one to truly handle the tough conditions, and he powered clear from gate one to take the win in the final.

Zmarzlik never looked comfortable, but took second and with his leading rivals struggling, he extended his championship lead.

Speedway GP

‘I feel very happy’ – Dudek emerges as the winner in Teterow


Dan Bewley and Tai Woffinden impressed in reaching the semi-finals, but were unable to make the final – with eyebrows raised by the gates they chose.

Maciej Janowski came into race four of the season in second place in the standings, but he never looked comfortable in the conditions and failed to make the semi-finals.

The track in Teterow wasn’t the easiest for the riders. As the night went on, ruts aplenty were showing up on the track, making it difficult going.

Dudek had already shown he had the promise to be the night victor after winning four out of his five Heats, sending him to the top of the pack after 20 Heats.

Bewley had been a surprise standout, claiming 12 points and putting himself in second place going into the semi-finals.

Zmarzlik’s night didn’t go quite to plan. The Championship leader found himself the fifth best and battling the track all night.

Robert Lambert had his first taste of the semi-finals, with Tai Woffinden also joining him, meaning all three Brits made it through to the semi-finals.

After two semi-finals, it left Dudek, Zmarzlik, Lindgren and Lambert to battle it for the win. Despite the track still being a horror for the riders to race on, the final went off without a hitch and Dudek flew off to the win.

Elsewhere, Mikkel Michelsen had a night to forget. He found himself bottom of the pack, claiming just one point over the five heats.

Wild card Kai Huckenbeck impressed his home crowd and looked close to getting through to the top eight. However, he had to settle with tenth, two points off of Jack Holder.


  • 1 Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland) 62

  • 2 Maciej Janowski (Poland) 51

  • 3 Leon Madsen (Denmark) 50

  • 4 Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) 46

  • 5 Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom) 43

  • 6 Robert Lambert (United Kingdom) 36

  • 7 Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) 35

  • 8 Patryk Dudek (Poland) 35

  • 9 Jason Doyle (Australia) 35

  • 10 Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) 34

  • 11 Max Fricke (Australia) 32

  • 12 Dan Bewley (United Kingdom) 32

  • 13 Anders Thomsen (Denmark) 29

  • 14 Jack Holder (Australia) 26

  • 15 Pawel Przedpelski (Poland) 15

  • 16 Matej Zagar (Slovakia) 11

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The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix will be available live and ad-free on discovery+ with live race action also on Eurosport 2.

Speedway GP

‘He deserves this’ – Dudek powers to victory at Speedway Grand Prix in Teterow


Speedway GP

‘Experience up front‘ – Lindgren holds it together for semi-final win


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