Rug Radio PFP NFTs With Cory Van Lew Mint on Monday 6th

Rug Radio PFP NFTs With Cory Van Lew Mint on Monday 6th

Rug Radio fans, prepare your digital wallets for the project’s PFP NFT drop in partnership with Cory Van Lew! The new collectibles will launch on February 6th with a 48-hour mint window. Holders of previous Rug Radio / Van Lew 1:1 drops can claim PFPs for free, while others have to hurry up and mint, so here’s what you need to know:

image of digital artist Cory Van Lew
The popular artist Cory Van Lew teamed up with Rug Radio for a unique PFP drop; the first wave starts on February 6th! Credit: Instagram

Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew NFTs: How Does Minting Work?

This month, Rug Radio returns to the NFT scene with new PFP collectibles, set to drop on February 6th. Accordingly, the popular Web3 media company teamed up with digital artist Cory Van Lew for the design.

The following collectors can claim one (or more) PFPs for free as follows:

  • Cory Van Lew 1:1 NFT holders: 5 free PFPs for each NFT they hold;
  • Rug Radio Genesis NFT holders: 1 PFP for 690 $RUG for each NFT they hold;
  • $RDAO token holders: 1 free PFP for every user who held 1 $RDAO before December 27th, 2022.

Don’t have enough $RUG? You can always take part in the Rug Radio rewards program which includes bounties, listen-to-earn features, and more (there’s still time left!).

On February 6th, Farokh will go live on video via social media to announce when minting officially begins. This first minting session will last for 48 hours.

digital poster featuring the Rug Radio x Cory Van Lew NFT drop
There will be 3 minting sessions so that every collector can get a fair chance depending on the supply available.

What if You’re Not a RR/Cory Van Lew Holder?

According to Farokh’s recent tweet, Rug Radio and Cory Van Lew will announce the second wave of minting ‘soon’ after the first session closes. This time, collectors from selected NFT communities can mint a PFP to pay in ETH depending on the supply.

At the time of writing, Rug Radio didn’t issue any details on this matter. Meanwhile, we do know that there will be a third minting wave! Anybody will be able to mint one PFP per digital wallet and pay in ETH.

However, Farokh specifically mentioned that “the *only* way to guarantee a PFP mint is by qualifying for wave 1, and the details are in the first and second tweets of this thread.”

In other words, the NFT community should keep their eyes on Rug Radio and Farokh next week as the first mint wave begins.

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