Samsung to Offer Enhanced Trading Experience With

Samsung to Offer Enhanced Trading Experience With

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  • Samsung has worked with to optimize its app for the tech company’s Galaxy Fold devices
  • The app has been optimized to take advantage of the folding nature of the phone
  • Samsung first embedded crypto into a smartphone in 2019 and Samsung have announced a partnership that will see Samsung’s range of Galaxy Z Fold phones optimized for crypto trading through the exchange’s app. A software update will offer “increased productivity, multitasking and ultimately deliver enhanced trading and analysis capabilities” through the app according to the company. All Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices will benefit from the upgrade, including the latest Galaxy Z Fold4, although the upgrade only applies to the app.

Bigger is Better

Samsung’s exposure to the crypto world dates back to 2019 when its then-new Samsung Galaxy S10 became the first smartphone to use the phone’s secure enclave for a crypto wallet. It has funded various blockchain features since then, and has now illustrated its desire to bring crypto trading to the masses with its update.

In a statement published yesterday, said that the two companies have “aligned their shared vision of more engaging mobile experiences in bringing this best-in-class crypto app experience to market”. As a result, users will enjoy an “empowered App experience”, with more tools and resources available on a single screen, such as the ability to compare a range of tokens simultaneously and more easily than on other mobile devices.

Given the enhanced real estate available through Samsung’s range of foldable devices, it makes sense to use the bigger screen to maximize apps. Such optimization will also reduce the chances of a fat finger ruining a trade, or even an entire portfolio.

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