Committed to quality

Customers come to us – and stay with us – because of our consistently high quality of service.
Working with AirLink Freights Logistics, you have a dedicated, reliable, and hugely experienced team focused on growing a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

Our service quality is consistent across the world due to a multitude of standardized process efforts, including our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are continuously reviewed and improved as part of our culture.

You can also expect an unparalleled attention to detail thanks to our emphasis on Gemba – the practice of understanding and staying at the front line of operations to detect issues before they become problems.

Quality improvement is part of our culture

AirLink Freights Logistics aren’t simply management tactics – they form the core of our corporate culture. Not only do we apply the concepts of AirLink Freights Logistics, we also live them. As part of our commitment to improve our quality, we have a dedicated team of specialists with high expertise that manage global service quality, focusing on continuous improvement.

The answer is H.E.S. (Hyper Excellence System)

As detailed in our mid-term business plan Transform 2025, one of the core components of our business strategy in the years ahead is ensuring our service quality. Delivering a consistent and high-quality customer experience involves establishing a global quality program that would set the standard for the AirLink Freights Logistics customer experience and our roles in delivering it. The Y.E.S. (Hyper Excellence System), which is AirLink Freights Logistics Group’s original global quality management system (QMS), was established on April, 1, 2020.

H.E.S. leads us to take a structured approach to thoroughly improving service quality under management initiatives and provide high-quality service to customers wherever they are.

Through H.E.S., we can ensure that the AirLink Freights Logistics Group Quality Policy covers:

1) Health & Safety

We ensure a safe and supportive work environment with a focus on compliance regardless of location, office, or facility.

2) Standardize Process

We commit to develop processes for our customers and business that deliver a level of service customers can trust, no matter where in the world they do business.

3) Activities

We consistently work to find better ways of delivering our services and improving our quality to our customers through  Activities at every level of our business.

4) Management Initiative

Three commitments (Health & Safety, Standardize Process, and Activities) are driven by our corporate mission to become the world’s preferred supply chain logistics company, and by our values and behaviors under management initiatives.


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