Boosie Badazz Hilariously Explains How Social Media Ruined Relationships

Boosie Badazz Hilariously Explains How Social Media Ruined Relationships

The rapper got way too real during his recent visit to ‘Drink Champs.’

Boosie Badazz on 'Drink Champs.'

Boosie Badazz on ‘Drink Champs.’

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Boosie Badazz recently took his unhinged social media antics to the Drink Champs podcast with co-hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. Speaking on the one thing that always gets him public scrutiny, Boosie shared his thoughts on how social media turns men and women into “ho*s.”

In the trailer for the upcoming episode, Boosie voiced that apps like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are lucrative playgrounds that also happen to ruin everything else in our lives, including relationships.

“Social media fu**ed up everything,” the Baton Rouge-native declared. “It made more avenues for money, but it fu**ed up everything. Marriages, everything. At first, your bi**h just used to see the ni**as at work, you and that’s it and then come home. That’s all she had to look at. Now she got about 30,000 ni**as to look at for when you don’t act right.”

He added, “And she hypnotized by all the other bi**hes, bi**hes getting sh*t on Instagram that she not getting. So all that time you done put in but no money, it fu**ed up everything. It fu**ed up you, too. All you had to look at was your side bi**hes, your bi**hes at work your bi**h at home when you come back. That’s all we had.”

Boosie held both women and men to the same standard when discussing how social media affects their perception of the world. N.O.R.E. and EFN howled with laughter as he hilariously – yet seriously – explained himself.

“A couple side bi**hes on the other side of town now you hypnotized. You look at your bi**h, and you see a thousand bi**hes look better. They looking way better than your bi**h you look over and tell the bi**h like…it made us ho*s bro. It made your bi**h a ho* and it made a ni**a a ho*.”

Boosie and T.I. are reportedly working on a joint project and a reality show. During an interview with B High ATL back in September, the 39-year-old revealed details of the news to the radio outlet.

“Me and T.I. got an album on the way,” he said. “We send [the songs] back and forth, and we gonna get it in for the last rodeo and knock out our last five. He sending me sh*t, I’m sending him sh*t. I gotta come with it, that’s Tip! We snapping, bro. This was overdue.”

Boosie also disclosed that a reality show with Tip is in the works. The show is set to feature both the rappers’ kids. “We finna do a reality show with our kids called Raw Ass Kids. We finna do a reality show with Tootie and King,” the rapper legally known as Torrence Hatch Jr. revealed.

“So we going to put an album together and knock it out, too.”

Check out the clip for Boosie’s upcoming episode of Drink Champs above.

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