Economic Hardship: I have not received salary as governor in two years – Charles Soludo  

Economic Hardship: I have not received salary as governor in two years – Charles Soludo  

The Anambra State governor, Charles Soludo, has said that he has received salary from the state coffers for the past two years as governor of the southeast State.  

Governor Soludo made this statement at the International Convention Center in Awka, the state capital, during the celebration marking the second anniversary of his administration on Sunday. 

Soludo mentioned that he has intentionally implemented the most stringent cost-cutting measures and has avoided borrowing for the past two years to create an extremely prudent government. 

  • “We decided for the first two years to demonstrate something which is the capacity to do more with less. And so far, as I’m concerned, for two years, despite the fact that we are doing more than the previous administrations.  
  • “We are doing so because we are executing the most austere government ever. As I speak to you, I am not being paid any salary by Anambra state government,” he said. 

The ex-CBN chief further mentioned that, as a measure to reduce governance costs, his wife does not possess an official car.  

Moreover, he mentioned that Nigeria is undergoing significant difficulties, requiring decisive leadership to oversee its limited resources. 

  • “We are intentional, very deliberate about doing more with less because we are facing an extraordinary difficult situation in Nigeria. 
  • “The first lady of Anambra doesn’t have any official car. She still drives her personal vehicle. We are executing the most austere government ever. We are cutting waste and directing resources to what it the most important for the people,” Soludo added. 

What you should know 

Nigeria is currently experiencing significant economic challenges, with inflation soaring to 31.7% following President Bola Tinubu’s decisive action to eliminate fuel subsidies. 

  • As a result, there have been a sustained campaign for cutting the cost of governance to help revamp the economy of the country.  
  • President Bola Tinubu ordered a directive to enact “aspects” of the Orosanye report, with the intention to lower the cost of governance. 
  • The administration said thirty agencies will be merged; nine agencies will be subsumed under existing agencies; and four agencies will be relocated from their current ministries. 

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