Empowering entrepreneurial scientists in biotechnology and healthcare

Empowering entrepreneurial scientists in biotechnology and healthcare

KUALA LUMPUR: This strategic partnership between HELP University and Alps Global Holding (Alps) marks a significant milestone in advancing healthcare, education, and research as it leverages on HELP University’s expertise in education and research, and Alps’ forthcoming public listing on NASDAQ.

Being a first of its kind alliance, forged by way of a memorandum of understanding, it is designed to create synergies for mutual growth and advancement, while advancing the cause of creating a whole new genre of healthcare related entrepreneurs.

Alps being a fully-integrated biotechnology research, medical and wellness company specialized in the development of personalized medicine, using cutting-edge technologies such as genomics DNA, mRNA, and cellular therapy, this alliance paves the way for the next key phase in healthcare.

Alps remains poised to revolutionise the fields of medicine and wellness, and collaborating with HELP allows Alps to tap new areas of development primarily the establishment of a HELP Healthcare Research and Development Centre; the development and implementation of an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programme, joint development on post graduate programme, joint development of a hospitality programme, collaboration on cybersecurity and data protection programmes, development of programmes focusing on the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), creation of a caregiver academy, and exploration of any mutually beneficial areas of research and development.

“We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings,“ said Professor Datuk Dr Paul Chan, Chancellor of HELP University. “We plan to create new professional development courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in biotechnology, and healthcare entrepreneurship, dementia management, and in other related areas. This will create a workforce, such as new healthcare technicians with the focus on precision medicine.”

HELP University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr Andy Liew Teik Hooi, who holds a doctorate in biotechnology will work alongside Chief Scientific Officer at ALPS Global Holdings, Professor M Ravichandaran, to set up a new department mainly todevelop courses in ESG, Cybersecurity and AI, healthcare entrepreneurship, hospital management and training of healthcare caregivers.

Alps will play a key advisory role to HELP and provide expert advice in the programme development and short courses.

ALPS Global Holdings Berhad CEO, Dr Tham Seng Kong, said: “Pharma is going to be a sunset industry, and it will be replaced by biotechnology companies, because we are now able to map the entire human genome and manipulate the genes to treat diseases.

For our company, humanity comes first. Our company’s next vision planning for our country, we want to create a platform for current science students who graduate from university and train them to become entrepreneur scientists.

There are university graduates who are not working in what they specialised or were trained in. We need to have the platform to assist them therefore we are working with academics and the private sectors to create an environment for biotechnology graduates to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.”

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