FlightHub’s new eSIM promises to save Canadians up to 80 percent on roaming costs

FlightHub’s new eSIM promises to save Canadians up to 80 percent on roaming costs

The catch is Canadians can only access the eSIM when using FlightHub’s services

Online travel agency FlightHub has launched an eSIM for Canadian travellers under a partnership with American service provider Celitech.

The eSIM offers non-throttled 5G/LTE access in more than 205 countries around the world with a network hosted in the U.S., allowing Canadians to save upwards of 80 percent on roaming fees.

“This offering is especially beneficial for those who often move in and out of the country, where restrictions in carrier contracts hamper geographic flexibility, affecting some large clientele, such as Canadian snowbirds who have one foot in the USA,” FlightHub said in a press release.

High roaming rates have been a long-time pain point for Canadians, with national and regional providers implementing frequent price hikes. Last year, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced it would study the matter.

Canadians can access the new eSIM offering when booking with FlightHub. Customers can also access the service after they’ve booked or started their travels.

FlightHub is not the first company to rollout eSIMs targeting Canadian travellers. Roam Mobility, for example, offered the service before it ceased operations in 2020.

MobileSyrup has not tested this service and can’t vouch for the user experience.

Updated February 23, 2024, 4:46pm ET: the article has been updated with additional information.

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