Footage of historic discovery of the Titanic gives new look at ‘unsinkable’ ship

Footage of historic discovery of the Titanic gives new look at ‘unsinkable’ ship

Footage of the discovery of the ill-fated RMS Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean has finally been released.

The Titanic, sunk by an iceberg in April 1912, was considered a lost artifact until 1985, when American and French scientists found the wreck on the ocean floor.

The new footage, released by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, was captured in 1986 soon after the ship was discovered. Using remotely operated cameras, the video features the exterior of the ruined ship along with several rooms inside.

The footage was released to the public this week alongside the 25th-anniversary theatrical run for director James Cameron’s Oscar-winning epic “Titanic,” which began last week.

Mr. Cameron has been a passionate student of the Titanic tragedy and has spent much of his non-Avatar time since the release of “Titanic” making documentaries about the ship.

“More than a century after the loss of Titanic, the human stories embodied in the great ship continue to resonate,” the director said.

Titanic set sail on April 10, 1912, and, after colliding with an iceberg, sunk two days later on its way from the English port city of Southampton to New York. Only about 700 of the over 2,000 passengers survived the disaster.

The full 81-minute video is available on Youtube.

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