Govt Addresses Forest Ownership Amid Land Grabbing Concerns

Govt Addresses Forest Ownership Amid Land Grabbing Concerns

The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) has addressed concerns among Kenyans over the rising activities at the Ololuua Forest which is located in Nairobi.

In a statement, the Service acknowledged that several Kenyans had questioned whether the land had been grabbed by private developers owing to construction activities in the forest.

KFS clarified the reports of land grabbing maintaining that it was the sole owner of the land.

However, the service acknowledged that the land in question was currently being occupied by various government agencies.

Officers outside the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) gate when it was opened in 2011


“The portion of land in question is currently occupied by four government agencies. There is absolutely no individual who has been allocated land within Oloolua forest

“The ownership of the parcel of land remains under the jurisdiction of the Kenya Forest Service. Any insinuation to the contrary is misleading and meant to create confusion and dissent among members of the public,” read the statement in part

Nonetheless, the government body, tasked with managing forest cover in the country did not the exact government agencies that were occupying the land.

On the other hand, Kenyans who had any evidence of land grabbing at the nature forest which is also visited by Kenyans and tourists for its nature trails, and waterfalls were advised to reach out to the service.

“Kenya Forest Service advises any person with evidence to the contrary to present the same to the nearest police station for investigation. 

“The Service will ensure Oloolua Forest will continue to be safeguarded as a natural resource for posterity and for the benefit of all,” read the statement in part.

Reports of land grabbing surfaced earlier this year, with neighbouring communities expressing concern about the construction of a perimeter wall around the forest.

At the time, the communities also questioned whether the land had been given to private developers even as they demanded to know the procedure that was followed in the allocation of the land.

A stand of the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) at the 2017 Nairobi International Show.



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