Group hails Ganduje for restoring peace to Arewa Community in Lagos

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has described the intervention of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje’s committee to sustain the cordial relationship with the Arewa community in Lagos led by Alhaji Aminu Idris Yaro Dogara as a step in the right direction.

Alhaji Yerima Shettima, the National President of AYCF, in a statement on Saturday described the Kano State Governor’s peace moves as “exemplary leadership that promotes peaceful co-existence and stability that begun over a century in Lagos”.

The statement noted, “every effort to sustain the peace and tranquility in the Arewa Community should enjoy the support of all Nigerian men and women of good conscience.”

The group said Ganduje’s effort would crush all mischief-makers, betrayers and fifth columnists in Lagos, who have been losing sleep just because there is peace in the Arewa Community.

The AYCF called on the Lagos State Governor to call on one of his commissioners to order over his use of derogatory language against Ganduje, who by virtue of his age, not for just being a governor, deserves their respect.

The statement then warned that if the same scenario repeats itself again, they would be left with no option than to take the necessary legal action, as law-abiding citizens.

The group said the Lagos Waterfront Commissioner has no business with traditional institutions and should face his primary duties of water supply infrastructure development, saying, “this meddelesomeness of the commissioner is quite unfortunate and shows that the Commissioner lacks respect for his Governor.”

According to the statement, “next time any person or group of people, no matter how highly-placed, attempt to truncate the peace of the Arewa Community in Lagos or use insulting language against Governor Ganduje, we will be compelled to institute legal action immediately against them.”

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