HousingWire December Demo Day: Sagent

HousingWire December Demo Day: Sagent


CARE is Sagent’s consumer platform that links a modern, bank-on-your-phone experience for  borrowers with seamless human care from servicers. Borrowers can manage payments and escrows, plus monitor home equity, new offers, and tax matters. They can also quickly apply for and resolve forbearances and loan mods during hardships.

Product Fast Facts


In the month of October, we had over 1 million unique users logging into CARE who submitted over 1.2 billion dollars in one-time payments.  This doesn’t include borrower’s set-up on autopay.


 Through our CARE Admin tool, the entire CARE website branding can be updated in less than a minute.


With more than 50% of borrowers accessing CARE through mobile devices, CARE was designed with a Mobile First Design philosophy.

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