How swftbox is Using Digital Logistics to Revolutionise UAE Deliveries

How swftbox is Using Digital Logistics to Revolutionise UAE Deliveries

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Feb 13, 2023 (  – Through its digital logistics platform, Dubai-based swftbox is aiming to remove the current delivery bottlenecks that plague the e-commerce sector in the UAE. Using new digital solutions and delivery systems, businesses can now more efficiently fulfil consumer orders with automation-backed logistics services such as same-day delivery tracking and online returns couriers. 

In the UAE today, businesses are forced to fight through numerous logistical bottlenecks, including manual operation of the delivery system, absence of real-time tracking of orders, delayed delivery, poor customer support, absent or inefficient delivery data collection, ineffective inventory management, goods arriving in subprime conditions, among others. 

However, swftbox’s digital logistics platform now provides an integrated and automated order fulfilment process as an alternative to the inefficient manual delivery system that retailers have been stuck with.  This solution can be easily integrated with retailers’ existing online storefronts (such as Shopify and WooCommerce), POS systems, and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) through simple API integration. 

With this integration, once an order has been created on the online storefront, it’s automatically transferred to swftbox for onward fulfilment. 

Once swftbox has received all the relevant order details, the order is assigned to delivery personnel (who are part of a professional delivery fleet automatically available to all users of this platform) and delivery is scheduled in accordance with the customer’s request. 

There are three categories of deliveries based on customers’ requests: same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and bullet delivery (within 2-4 hours). 

As soon as delivery has been scheduled, retailers and consumers can track the movement of the assigned delivery personnel in real time, a system also referred to as last-mile tracking. The delivery personnel’s first trip is to pick up the product at the retailer’s for shipment to the consumer, and the retailer can start real-time tracking from this point.

However, swftbox also has multiple fulfilment centres across the country providing diverse storage options. Retailers can safely store their products with them and make the order fulfilment process even much easier. In addition to keeping these products in pristine condition, swftbox ensures that they are delivered in boxes that are in a clean and unsullied state as when they were received.

To help ensure delivery to the customer’s doorstep, the swftbox system also uses a smart addressing module. This system helps delivery personnel pinpoint the consumer’s specific location on the map. 

As the delivery personnel makes the trip, retailers can monitor the order status, the delivery personnel’s location, and the estimated time of arrival on swftbox’s digital logistics platform. In addition, consumers will receive SMS updates throughout the delivery process: when the trip has started, when the product has been delivered, etc. What’s more, there is an instant chat feature on the app through which retailers can keep hold of the order’s status and lodge any complaint, if needed. 

swftbox’s system has been designed to deliver products swiftly and to meet the expectations of UAE consumers in a way that they are not used to yet. No wonder that in its first year of operation, swftbox has achieved a successful delivery rate of 96.5%, significantly eclipsing the industry standard of 85%. 

At the point of delivery, the professionalism of swftbox’s delivery personnel shines through. Instead of being impersonal and rushing off to drop the products, they are trained to carry a smile on their faces, treating the customer with utmost courtesy and respect. 

Since the whole order fulfilment process has been integrated and automated, retailers can more efficiently collect order delivery data through the app. By analysing this data, they can generate business insights that will further improve their fulfilment process. 

Signing up for swftbox is easy and retailers, irrespective of size, will be onboarded within 24 hours. Through the platform, retailers can put their deliveries on autopilot, saving enough cost and time to focus on other core functions of their business. 

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