‘I put my boyfriend on a performance improvement plan to save our relationship’

‘I put my boyfriend on a performance improvement plan to save our relationship’

Nadeen Hui divided her followers on social media after she said she’d put her boyfriend on a “performance improvement plan” because their relationship wasn’t working out

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TikTok user shares a summary of her dating life in 2022

Relationships all go through rocky patches, and some don’t manage to weather the storm, but one woman has found a method that works for her and her beau – by putting him on a performance improvement plan.

Nadeen Hui, who posts on TikTok under username @nadeenhui, told her followers that she’d put him on the plan to save their relationship, as when they first moved in together, she said things were a little tough.

She said she began to notice small issues they had to iron out, which led to her having to take the “harsh” measures so things would work out between the pair.

Nadeen explained: “I’m gonna share with you guys how I PIP’d my boyfriend in real life.

“For those of you not in tech, PIP stands for performance improvement plan, and it’s what you get put on when they’re about to fire you.”

She then explained her and her boyfriend were having a lot of issues and she felt like they “weren’t compatible” and that the performance improvement plan was the “last straw” to try and stay together.

Nadeen admitted it may seem “harsh” but said that her boyfriend is an engineer, and sometimes finds it tough to relate to things he doesn’t already understand – and a performance improvement plan was one of those things. She even claimed that he “kind of liked it.”

She continued: “So we had a shared note with daily and weekly tasks he needed to do, and a set of things he needed to work on, and it worked out really well.

“Like, even now, for our household chores, things that he’s responsible for, we use a kanban board.”

A kanban board is a project management tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency (or flow).”

Nadeen said that anything she needs done, she just adds to the board and he’ll do it.

“We also do weekly retrospectives where we’ll check in with each other at the end of each week to see how we’re doing, and that’s my favourite”, she shared.

In the comments, people were divided about what they thought.

One wrote: “I think this is helpful.”

“Does he do the same for you?”, another questioned. “It’s important that both sides improve!”

Someone commented: “I’d prefer not to be someone’s manager or assign tasks though…”

“I don’t like the workification of my non-work life….but it’s so useful”, a TikToker said, followed by a crying emoji.

Would you find this helpful in your relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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