Israel DMW and Estranged Wife Shades Each Other Online

Israel DMW and Estranged Wife Shades Each Other Online


Israel Afeare aka Israel DMW, Davido’s Personal Logistics manager, and his estranged wife, Sheila David, recently exchanged subtle shades on Instagram.

The couple was previously in love and married, but their romance ended after Sheila claimed she fled the marriage due to domestic abuse.

Sheila shared a post to her Instagram story which read: “Pride and love don’t mix, you either drop your pride for the person you love or lose or lose them over your pride

Israel DMW responded via his own IG story; he wrote: “A lion will always be a lion; Killing is instinctual to them. No amount of generosity or decades of love will ever turn them to domestic cats. Hmmmm”.

“I’m not Israel; I’m a student of Ambrose Ali University” – Israel and AAU students participates in the ‘of course’ challenge

During a courtesy visit to the institution, Israel DMW, the logistics manager for Nigerian artist Davido, joined the trending “of course” challenge, causing a stir on social media.

A video with the description, “Celebrity DMW came to our school today,” contains this.

“In the said video, the three ladies stood before the logistics manager, saying “I’m not Israel; I’m a student of Ambrose Ali University.”

Every pupil said that and then burst out laughing at the same moment.

When it was Israel DMW’s turn, he attempted to imitate the aforementioned girls by asserting that he is not Israel, but the women quickly interrupted him, erupting into further laughter.

Numerous social media users have taken notice of the aforementioned video and left comments on the post, offering their opinions.

See some reactions below:

@Precious: “When this one turn celebrity.”

@Archy: “Juju say he no be Israel.”

@REMAG MDOC II: “be like juju go pick wife.”

@🃏: “Am not Isreal am juju.”

@Lemondrop: “He’s not Israel,he’s juju!!!”


@RonalynSobresida: “nice bonding.”

@OTAIBAYÔM: “Where those people way Dey edit videos, you’re not Isreal keh.”


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