Israel DMW Appreciates His Oga for Giving Him Opportunity to Tour 20 European Countries

Israel DMW Appreciates His Oga for Giving Him Opportunity to Tour 20 European Countries

“My Lord and saviour sir” Isreal DMW hails his boss, Davido

Davido’s logistics manager Israel DMW ends the year by thanking his Oga for giving him the opportunity to travel 20 European nations.

The Benin-born socialite resorted to social media to express his gratitude to Davido.

He said that his boss granted him a scheghen visa and the ability to explore 20 European countries.

Israel DMW mentioned that he will be eternally grateful for what he has done for him.

See his post below …

Reacting to the post.

@jasminesnow_skincareguru stated: “I love how grateful he is”

@ndzika penned: “To all the the entitled ones that are busy saying won’t he thank him in private yen yen yen ask yourselves, what exactly does Isreal do for Davido? Davido can function well without him and yet he keeps him around and takes care of his bills, travels with him all-expense paid! Maybe you have a soft life or you are super talented to fell this entitled or you are just a spoiled entitled brat that hasn’t seen real life yet, you can’t tell or dictate how Isreal should be grateful to Davido.”

@superior_closet remarked: “Gratitude is a must. Man like Davido”

@Eliabethal said: “me sef I go dey praise my helper like this o Oga ride”

@money_jnr01 said: “This guy and Davido bond ehn nothing fit break am!”

@ammyrossy24 typed: “Our oga thank you oo”

@ngozijewel wrote: “Gratitude is a must. Isreal is extremely grateful to his boss.”

@itzlinda_bae said: “Appreciation no be crime, keep it up”

@ownersoftomorrow penned: “What ever is said about isrealdmw on his obidience is true. But he actually can’t write or speak like a graduate shaaaa”

@mhizspears stated: “So happy for Israel, he deserves it, he is so loyal and loyalty is an expensive commodity these days”

@valnessa12 remarked: “Na wetin woman be wan spoil be this”

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