M4 World Championship venue changed as MPL Arena Catches Fire

M4 World Championship venue changed as MPL Arena Catches Fire

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M4 World Championship has had a big change ahead of the anticipated event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This year, Moonton planned to take the M4 World Championship to Jakarta’s legendary MPL Arena. Indonesia is by the far the most popular region for MLBB – and the event is a sort of homecoming. However, the MLBB Esports Twitter account announced yesterday that the venue is being changed.

M4 World Championship

Are you ready for greatness in a new venue?

MPL Arena catches fire ahead of the M4 World Championship Press Conference

The MPL Arena, known as the XO Hall, had caught fire earlier this week before the press conference and group draw for the M4 World Championship, according to a report by Liga Game. The incident happened on the afternoon of Dec. 12.

According to the report, one of the persons near the venue saw sparks in the hall which later turned into a small explosion. This caused a fire which spread. Luckily, no one was hurt and everyone got out of the venue safely.

The cause of the fire is said to be an electrical short circuit. As a result, Moonton has announced yesterday that it is changing the venue of the M4 World Championship due to the “recent unfortunate incident.”

New Venues for the MLBB World Championship

The group stage of the M4 World Championship will now be held at the Bali United Studio from Jan. 1 to 14. The Knockout Stage, on the other hand, will happen at the Tennis Indoor Stadium Senayan from Jan. 7 to 15.

“This is done to ensure that we can provide a safe and conducive experience for our teams, fans, and gaming community,” Moonton said in its statement.

Fans would be happy to know that the tournament is still happening in Jakarta. However, there is an unfortunate catch. As a result of the venue change, the seating capacity of the Knockout Stage will be lesser than before. Thus, Mootnon will be refunding some tickets to adjust for this decrease in capacity. The fans whose tickets are refunded will also receive 250 Diamonds in MLBB as compensation.

Venue Change M4 World Championship

The M4 team seeks your kind consideration and understanding of this matter – Moonton

Besides the title of World Champions, a humongous prize pool of $800,000 is on the line. Defending world champions Blacklist International are looking to make a comeback after a tough 2022 season, Indonesia’s representatives in Onic Esports and RRQ Hoshi will be vying for the trophy on their home ground.

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