Mavin Records CEO Don Jazzy Announces Partnership With Universal Music Group

Mavin Records CEO Don Jazzy Announces Partnership With Universal Music Group

Don Jazzy, record producer and founder of Mavin Records, made an exciting announcement that Mavin Records, a powerhouse in the African music industry, is now officially partnered with the Universal Music Group (UMG), a multinational music corporation.

In his heartfelt Instagram post, Don Jazzy expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter in their journey. He emphasized that the partnership with UMG will bring forth more music, creativity, and opportunities, providing a platform to showcase African artists worldwide.

“Dear Mavin Family,

I’m thrilled to announce that Mavin Records has partnered with Universal Music Group, marking a new chapter in our journey. This partnership is a milestone that recognizes our collective talent and hard work, aiming to elevate African music on the global stage.

Our collaboration with UMG will bring more music, innovation, and opportunities, allowing us to showcase African talent worldwide. While we embark on this exciting new path, our core mission and values will remain intact, ensuring that the essence of Mavin and our commitment to pushing musical boundaries continue to thrive.

This step forward is a testament to the dedication of our artists, staff, and, importantly, you, our fans, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in reaching this moment. Together, we look forward to making history, breaking more records, and building a lasting legacy. Thank you for your continued belief in us. Here’s to our bright future together. #MavinActivated”

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