Mike Perry wants Conor McGregor next after stopping Rockhold

Mike Perry wants Conor McGregor next after stopping Rockhold

Mike Perry wants Conor McGregor next after stopping Rockhold

No matter what else he has learned, Mike Perry has certainly learned to shoot for the stars. After all, who would have foreseen him squaring off with former UFC champion Luke Rockhold in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships squared circle? After stopping Rockhold, he took aim at UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

Perry went punch-for-punch with Rockhold in their brief two rounds of action in the BKFC 41 main event on Saturday in Denver. He bloodied Rockhold, forcing him to stop in the second round because of damage to Rockhold’s teeth.

McGregor was sitting ringside watching all the action. He could be seen shadowboxing and cheering the fighters on throughout the night.

After Perry stopped Rockhold, he asked McGregor to come inside the ring to square off. The Irishman obliged, climbing into the ring with a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships belt draped over his shoulder.

The face-off was amicable with Perry heaping his praise upon McGregor, who responded in kind.

At the post-fight press conference, Perry indicated that he wanted McGregor for his next bare knuckle fight.

“What’s next for me? Conor McGregor,” Perry stated. “He likes to box too.”

That would be the ultimate payday for Perry, regardless of the outcome, but it isn’t based in reality. McGregor is currently under contract with the UFC and has a fight with Michael Chandler penciled in for sometime this year.

It’s unlikely that McGregor will be giving up his monstrous UFC paychecks any time soon.

But hey, you can’t knock Perry for aiming high, right? After all, when McGregor and Floyd Mayweather were initially spitballing about boxing each other, no one really though it would come to fruition. And that became one the most profitable combat sports events in history.

Conor McGregor faces off with Mike Perry at Bare Knuckle Fighting

Mike Perry says Conor McGregor is next

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