Pamela Adlon, Dorothy Fortenberry & Author Roxane Gay Named As Mentors For 2023 NRDC Climate Storytelling Fellowship Recipients

Pamela Adlon, Dorothy Fortenberry & Author Roxane Gay Named As Mentors For 2023 NRDC Climate Storytelling Fellowship Recipients

EXCLUSIVE: The three recipients of the 2023 NRDC Climate Storytelling Fellowship have been chosen and they have some heavy hitters in their corners as mentors.

With their projects on the climate crisis, Marlee Fox, Quinn Garrett Martin and Joshua Ravenwood were the successful applicants out the 348 submissions last year for the CAA, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Black List and Redford Center backed program. You can learn more about the recipients and their respective And Away, This Light of Mine and S.O.S. Scoundrels of State features below.

Designated to focus on the consequences and looming and currently catastrophes of our injured natural environment, the projects from Fox, Martin and Ravenwood were judged in no small part on how “compelling, constructive and inclusive” they could be in spotlighting the climate crisis.

“Investing in stories that show the diverse faces and impacts of a climate-altered world is crucial for us to process the crisis and move toward action,” said Katy Jacobs, NRDC Climate Storytelling Fellowship founder to Deadline today. “We are thrilled to support these scripts which creatively engage with the climate crisis on a human and emotional level and explore characters grappling with their climate realities.”

In that mode, each of the trio will be partnered with an “entertainment industry professional,” as the NRDC puts it, to provide guidance and real-world experience. This year’s mentors include Better Things co-creator and Emmy winner Pamela Adlon and playwright, screenwriter and longtime The Handmaid’s Tale producer Dorothy Fortenberry. Additionally, best selling An Untamed State author, New York Times contributing opinion writer, and Marvel’s World of Wakanda scribe Roxane Gay is also a NRDC mentor this year.   

Along with the high-profile mentors, Fox, Martin and Ravenwood will each receive a a $20,000 grant to assist in getting their features in greater shape. Practical as well as political, the fellowship also puts the recipients in front of studios and agencies such as Hyperobject Industries, Madica Productions, Participant, UTA and WME to further fine tune their work.

The NRDC Climate Storytelling Fellowship is a subsect of the 1970-founded NRDC’s 2019 inaugurated Rewrite the Future project. Over the years, the program has joined forces with major media players to harness the power of narrative to display the realities of global warming and other environmental emergencies.

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2023 Climate Storytelling Fellows and Projects:

AND AWAY by Marlee Fox

And Away is set in the midst of a global event in which Earth’s gravity slowly begins to reverse. A young woman returns home to investigate her father’s disappearance, all while navigating a tenuous relationship with her mother and a society whose perspective on weight is actively in flux.

Marlee Fox grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and experienced a childhood and early education inextricably linked to the Chesapeake Bay that continues to inspire her writing and environmental advocacy.

I am so excited to learn and take inspiration from environmental experts, industry professionals, and my cohort of fellows who believe not only in the ideals we are striving towards, but in our power to achieve them and in the value of storytelling as a tool in that endeavor.”

THIS LIGHT OF MINE by Quinn Garrett

This Light of Mine is an afro-surrealist exploration of environmental and spiritual exploitation as a biracial teenager reconciles with his lineage and identity.

Quinn Garrett Martin is a filmmaker from Los Angeles whose work strives to make modern mythology about our time.

I am excited and grateful to be a part of this fellowship while honoring personal heroes like climate activist Hazel Johnson, the mother of environmental justice. I believe as storytellers and culture makers, we must explore our time’s existential and looming questions to enact change for a better and more sustainable future.”

S.O.S SCOUNDRELS OF STATE by Joshua Ravenwood

S.O.S. Scoundrels of State is a comedy set in the 1970s, and features an aging fixer who is fired from one of D.C.’s most ethically-flexible law firms. The fixer vows to take revenge against his old firm by teaming up with a group of young environmental activists who are trying to save the world.

Joshua Ravenwood is a writer and filmmaker who grew up on a small lake near Detroit that was often condemned, throughout his childhood, for containing dangerous levels of toxic waste.

I’m honored to have been chosen for the fellowship, and am excited for the opportunity to learn, to improve my craft, and to collaborate with smart people who have knowledge and experiences that I may not have. I truly believe positive climate storytelling matters, and to work with others who share that passion is a real blessing.”

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