Premier Lacrosse League championship series schedule, TV channels, live stream to watch 2024 PLL tournament

Premier Lacrosse League championship series schedule, TV channels, live stream to watch 2024 PLL tournament

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The Premier Lacrosse League championship series is back with another set of exciting games featuring some of the best talent that the league has to offer.

This year’s tournament will bring the top four teams from the 2023 season to the field: the Archers, Cannons, Waterdogs and Redwoods. They will play under the Olympic-style Sixes format, giving fans constant action throughout each contest.

Which squad will be crowned the champion at the conclusion of the five-day, nine-game event?

Here is everything you need to know about the PLL championship series, including TV and streaming options for each game.

Premier Lacrosse League championship series schedule

  • Dates: Wednesday, Feb. 14-Monday, Feb. 19
  • Location: The St. James, Springfield, Va.

Round-robin play begins on Wednesday, Feb. 14. Semifinal games will be played on Sunday, Feb. 18, and the championship game will take place on Monday, Feb. 19.

All games will take place at The St. James, a sports complex in Springfield, Va., near Washington, D.C.

Date Game Time (ET) TV channel/stream
Feb. 14 Redwoods vs. Cannons 5:30 p.m. ESPN2/ESPN+/Fubo
Feb. 14 Waterdogs vs. Archers 7:30 p.m. ESPN+
Feb. 16 Redwoods vs. Waterdogs 5:30 p.m. ESPN2/ESPN+/Fubo
Feb. 16 Cannons vs. Archers 7:30 p.m. ESPN+
Feb. 17 Archers vs. Redwoods 5 p.m. ESPN+
Feb. 17 Waterdogs vs. Cannons 7 p.m. ESPN+
Feb. 18 Semifinal 1 1 p.m. ESPN+
Feb. 18 Semifinal 2 3 p.m. ESPN+
Feb. 19 Championship 11:30 a.m. ESPN2/ESPN+/Fubo

Premier Lacrosse League championship series TV schedule, live stream

  • TV channel: ESPN2
  • Live stream: ESPN+ | Fubo

Select PLL championship series games will air on ESPN2. Viewers can stream every game on ESPN+.

The games that air on ESPN2, including the championship game, will also be available to stream on Fubo. Start your free trial today.

What is Lacrosse Sixes?

Lacrosse Sixes is a format that will be brought to the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. This version of lacrosse is incredibly fast-paced, leading to some high-scoring games.

Here are some key rules to know before you dive into the PLL championship series:

  • The field is 76 yards long and 39 yards wide.
  • There are 12 players on each roster and six players on the field from each team (five field players, one goalkeeper).
  • Games consist of four quarters, and each quarter lasts eight minutes. There is a face-off to start each quarter.
  • The 30-second shot clock starts once a team has gained possession of the ball. If a team fails to shoot the ball before the shot clock expires, then the ball will be awarded to the opposing team.
  • You can read the full PLL championship series rulebook here.

Premier Lacrosse League standings for 2023 regular season

Team Record Scores Scores against
Archers 8-2 138 111
Cannons 7-3 143 119
Waterdogs 7-3 129 118
Redwoods 6-4 111 119
Chaos 5-5 120 116
Whipsnakes 4-6 128 128
Atlas 2-8 120 140
Chrome 1-9 81 119

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