Qartn Token Presale Rockets Past $7 Million as Investors Hurry to Buy Remaining QTN Tokens

Qartn Token Presale Rockets Past $7 Million as Investors Hurry to Buy Remaining QTN Tokens

Bristol, UK, 24th February 2023, ZEXPRWIREYou haven’t paid attention in the crypto community if you haven’t been swept up in all the hype surrounding Qartn’s impending partnerships.

Google searches for “Qartn Token” have seen an uptick over the past month, recently hitting a peak.

Along with all the interest, Qartn’s ICO sales have seen a boost as well. It has seen several major spikes, with millions poured into the ICO this week. Qartn Token is currently in its 2nd phase of the pre-sale, with the token priced at US$ 0.012.

So, is the FOMO warranted? Investors say yes, definitely.

After all, the Qartn Token launch is “a really big deal,” an asset management chief told us. The market usually pumps on one major exchange listing, and Qartn Token has several exchanges ready to list it on launch. Usually, the market has time to price in changes and news, but because Qartn Token is still locked in its ICO phase at US$ 0.012, the market can’t price in this change yet, and it will most likely lead to a massive rally for Qartn Token after the launch.

What cryptocurrency exchanges will Qartn Token be listed on?

The confirmed exchanges are so far Binance, Coinbase, and Kucoin, and with the incredible momentum behind Qartn Token, it won’t be long before the token sells out and won’t be available for investors until after launch.

What is Qartn Token and how does it work?

Qartn Token is a revolutionary new e-commerce platform built on blockchain and smart contracts, that sets itself apart from the competition with its cutting-edge features. Some of the most notable features include intelligent chatbots, personalized shopping recommendations, AI-generated product descriptions, and increased customer retention. Whether it’s making the checkout process easier and more intuitive or helping shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for in a sea of products, Qartn has proven itself to be the best choice for online retailers everywhere.

Let’s explain some of the biggest features and new things that will captivate customers and make for a better shopping experience.

Intuitive and Engaging Visual Shopping Experiences

Qartn Token has revolutionized the shopping experience, enabling customers to make confident purchase decisions without ever having to leave their homes. Whether it is clothing, furniture, or jewelry, brands and Qartn are harnessing the power of visual AI and augmented reality technology to create seamless and intuitive shopping experiences. Thanks to tools like advanced camera technology and 3D rendering, customers can simply click or swipe on their mobile devices to browse products and see how they look or fit in real time.

For example, with Qartn technology, customers can try on any piece of clothing virtually, whether they’re browsing online or in a store. Similarly, with beauty products like makeup or skincare routines, customers can see how different looks will look on their faces before making a purchase decision. In addition, retailers are now leveraging visual AI for accurate sizing recommendations and personalized product recommendations that accurately reflect individual customer preferences.

Overall, it is clear that the advances in AI and Qartn Token will give customers more confidence than ever when making big purchases online. Given its powerful capabilities and innovative applications.

Qartn Token utilizes AI to improve the user experience

Furthermore, AI-enabled tools are capable of processing data in real-time, producing consistent results and behavior analytics that can help businesses stay ahead of new security threats. As such, it seems clear that AI will become an increasingly common tool for leading companies in the years to come. Additionally, the increased use of smart contracts will help to further secure e-commerce transactions by automating tasks such as payment processing. In all, then, it is clear that this emerging technology offers tremendous opportunities for lowering e-commerce fraud rates and ensuring a safe and secure experience for both consumers and retailers alike.

Qartn Token is the official currency on the Qartn e-commerce platform, and it has recently launched a presale for its public investors. After the presale is complete, the token will be made available on all major centralized exchanges, where it is expected to see a significant price increase in comparison to its presale price. With its flexible technology, innovative features, and high levels of security, Qartn has already emerged as one of the most popular choices among leading companies all over the world.

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