Quilter Labs and Neunaber Audio Are Joining Forces

Quilter Labs and Neunaber Audio Are Joining Forces

IRVINE, CA – January 10, 2023 – (GUITARpr) – Quilter Labs and Neunaber Audio have come together to offer up the best of analog power circuit and digital signal processing musical technology. This union will result in:

  • Wider Domestic and Worldwide Distribution of Neunaber Products
  • Expanded Product Development Capabilities
  • Standardized Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Enhanced Support System

In a statement, Brian Neunaber said, “I started Neunaber Audio to design products that I am truly passionate about, but ultimately, operating a business didn’t leave much time for that. By partnering with Quilter Labs, I can return to what I love doing and enable new opportunities for my team. I’ve known Pat and Chris for many years, and I feel that we have similar sensibilities in our approaches to design, marketing and management. When I decided to find someone to assume operations of Neunaber Audio so that I could return to full-time product development, Quilter Labs was top of mind. Fortunately, they were also looking for someone like me to expand their design team.”

Following up, Pat Quilter remarked, “As many thousands of happy Quilter Labs customers know, in retirement I have returned to my original passion of making high energy guitar and bass amps. My long career designing power amps at QSC Audio, which evolved from our guitar amp beginnings, have left me with a deep toolbox of analog power technology. More importantly, I have access to the vintage amps whose tone we all know and love, and I know how to unleash the same warmth and dynamics using modern lightweight circuitry. I am familiar with Brian Neunaber’s work, both at QSC and in his own company, and I look forward to combining our skill sets to bring together the best of both worlds – analog warmth and digital versatility – in easy-to-operate devices that fulfill our mission to Make Music Better.”

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