Saelig Introduces Coltraco Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity & Hatch Cover Tester

Saelig Introduces Coltraco Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity & Hatch Cover Tester

Fairport, NY, November 13, 2022 –(– Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Coltraco Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO, an ultrasonic instrument designed for determining the location and quantification of leak sites, calculating potential water flow rates in watertight compartment cable transit areas, hatch covers, bulkheads, and watertight doors on commercial ships, warships, and offshore oil & gas platforms. The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO is a unique leak quantifying system with full reporting and exporting capability. With a built-in camera, users can take an image of the seal they are inspecting, marking the image to identify any leak sites found. The total leakage rate of the seal can be calculated and directly exported in a report, which can be used for analysis or repair processes. WATERTIGHT PRO is a fully ABS Type-Approved & RINA-Accepted watertight integrity tester.

The WATERTIGHT PRO uses unique ultrasonic technology to identify safety critical leakage issues promptly as a priority. It accurately senses any leaked signals from an ultrasonic generator placed on the other side of the seal in question, in order to develop a structural integrity assessment. This can provide vital insights from a safety and survivability perspective, especially after drastic hull breaches, internal leaks, and unexpected water transit through the vessel. It can test the integrity of sealed compartments, watertight/weathertight doors, hatch-covers, and multiple cable transit areas with unique dual decibel and linear readings, quantifying leaks in equivalent diameter of between 0.5mm and 20mm to an accuracy within ±10%.

When in port, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO can be used to scientifically locate and assess vessel areas that require remedial work to enhance and advance Damage Control and Safety & Survivability in warships and submarines. At sea it may also be used while the vessel is undergoing dynamic stresses at sea to understand and prioritize developing water leakages, ultimately providing knowledge prior to any compartment floods and contributing to the internal “damage control battle” of warships to save the ship at moments of damage, avoiding vessel loss. Quantifying water ingress in terms of flowrates facilitates informed decision-making, minimizing the risk of severe vessel damage and maximizing overall fleet availability.

Other methods for water leakage measurement are disruptive, costly, and unreliable. Hose testing, for example, may damage cargo and contribute to the degradation of seals, while violating environmental codes, but the WATERTIGHT PRO allows maintenance operators to ensure complete watertightness or weathertightness without needing the compartment to be subject to water ingress, and it can even be performed at a range up to 50yds.

Identifies and locates leak sites, accurate quantifies size and extent of leak

Improves efficiency and quality of watertight room maintenance

Assesses compartments or vessels prior to and during transit, identifies risks quickly

Portable, easy to use 7” hand-held tablet controller for use by crew or maintenance teams

Built-in 8Mpixel camera records leak location

Automatically generates and exports reports

Made in UK by ultrasonics specialists Coltraco Ultrasonics, and supplied to navies around the world, the compact (4.41” × 2.64” × 0.98”; 4.83oz) Portascanner WATERTIGHT PRO comes in a handy, sturdy carry case. It is the easiest way to reliably check water- and weather-tightness in all vessel types. It is available now from now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport NY their USA technical distributor. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 1-888-7SAELIG.

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