Some ‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Collectors Editions Are Missing The Game Entirely

Some ‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Collectors Editions Are Missing The Game Entirely


Critter Manley

Many fans have been excited about God of War Ragnarok to such a degree that they shelled out big bucks for the Collector’s Edition of the game, a giant chest with a bunch of additions including Thor’s hammer.

However, something apparently has happened with shipping where a good number of these collector’s editions do not have the game in them at all.

While you are not supposed to get a physical disc with collector’s editions, you are supposed to get a steelbook case, and a download code for the game inside of that. While all the other do-dads are there, that case and code are missing, meaning these players can’t play at all. Sometimes it’s just the code that’s missing.

The ones I’ve talked to say that Sony customer service is not being terribly helpful, and they’re hoping to get more eyes on the issue. It has to be frustrating to be looking forward to a release like this for four years, and then to be stuck in limbo after paying a ton of money for the best version of it. All they really need is to be issued download codes, but it’s unclear how long that may take.

I have seen more than a few people posting about this online, but it’s unclear just how many might be affected by the issue. It’s certainly strange, and not something you see often for a major release like this.

God of War Ragnarok recently had some trouble with retailers breaking the street date a week early, and those copies resulted in a ton of footage being posted online before release, spoiling many major story moments. But now that the game is launched, Sony is hoping that it could be on the way to setting records for a PlayStation exclusive, but we have not gotten any firm information on its performance yet, as it’s just too early.

As for this current issue with the collector’s editions, hopefully that will be resolved soon, because otherwise, that’s a lot of bummed-out fans whose only recourse is to buy another copy of the game in the interim when they’ve already paid this much. Hopefully Sony Santa Monica and PlayStation take notice and get this sorted out quickly.

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