Sorare Teams Up With NBA and NBPA For Basketball Cards

Sorare Teams Up With NBA and NBPA For Basketball Cards

Sorare, the hugely popular blockchain fantasy sports entertainment platform, has announced a unique new partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). Together, they are launching the first free-to-play digital cards-based basketball fantasy game. The NFT game will debut in time for the NBA’s 2022-23 season, and you can sign up on the waiting list right now!

image of basketball going into hoop Sorare NBA
Sorare has teamed up with the NBA and NBPA to create an immersive NFT trading card fantasy game!

Sorare fantasy basketball game with NBA/NBPA

The new Sorare NBA fantasy game is an officially licensed digital collectible project. The NBA hopes to bring a whole new group of fans to the blockchain! This unique gaming experience is a wonderful opportunity to interact with the league and players in a new way and changes the landscape of trading cards. 

“Our partnership with Sorare will give NBA fans an entirely new way to engage with our teams and players,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “With Sorare’s emerging NFT fantasy platform, we see significant opportunities to broaden our community of fans and grow NBA basketball around the world.”

The multi-year partnership signals another bold move by the NBA. The association is creating its own exciting path in the new blockchain era. Significantly, the NBA already has an NFT marketplace. NBA Top shot includes trading cards and video NFTS through the partnership with Dapper Labs.

How does the Sorare NBA game work?

Marking the beginning of the NBA’s 77th regular season, the new officially licensed game has some wonderful features. Sorare, the NBA, and the NBPA have worked hard to create an immersive blockchain experience for basketball fans worldwide. 

The trading cards include leading teams and players, which you use in free-to-play fantasy tournaments. Your team’s success relies upon the performance of the players you own in the real-world league! Create a lineup of superstars, or choose your players based on stats. It is entirely up to you.

“Sorare has built an innovative gaming experience that creates a whole new way for fans from all over the world to interact with and learn more about our players,” said Tamika Tremaglio, Executive Director of the NBPA. “We are very excited about this partnership and the effect Sorare will have on the growth of our game and players globally.”

The Sorare NBA website
The Sorare NBA trading card game will go live soon!

Creating a crossover between virtual and real-world games!

Don’t forget that this is a brand new basketball gaming experience. If you want to win, you must also react to the real world of the NBA League. Are your favorite players injured, or is there a new player on the court, dunking on everyone? Take all of this into consideration when choosing your lineup.

In addition to the NBA & NBPA game, Sorare has announced that six-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin and three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert have joined the company as investors.

Sorare is changing how we view sports!

With over two million registered users in 185 countries, Sorare is a well-established blockchain name. After massive success with the recent launch of Sorare’s MLB game, they are now expanding on their global reach.

The football fantasy NFT game continues to grow in Europe and Asia. As it extends into the USA with NBA and MBL games, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Finally, the Sorare, NBA free-to-play fantasy game, is coming soon, and you can sign up for the waiting list now!

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