Strategic Movement: Raines Promotes Brittney Jones to Newly Created Position

Strategic Movement: Raines Promotes Brittney Jones to Newly Created Position

Hotel development, management, and investment company Raines has promoted Brittney Jones, former vice president of sales, marketing, and revenue management, to the newly created position of vice president of strategic partnerships. In her new position, Jones, who has been with Raines since 2015, will be responsible for executing a strategy to support the overall vision of Raines, which she describes as “ever-evolving.”

The new position, she says, was created to address identified gaps and needs within the Raines organization, specifically business development and communications. “With the growth goals Raines has in place over the next several years, it was evident that a dedicated focus on maintaining and building relationships within our current markets and the industry was a need. In tandem, we understand and realize the importance of strategy and messaging to all stakeholders as we continue to achieve those goals,” she explains.

Grey Raines, managing partner of Raines, says it was Jones’ sales experience, familiarity with strategic development within the company, and preexisting relationships in the hospitality industry—which he calls “foundational to this new role”—that prompted the decision. “Brittney has maintained a stellar track record during her time with us and demonstrated her ability to help us build hotels, relationships, and experiences through various means over the years,” he states.

Commenting on the vision and growth goals she is charged with supporting, Jones says, “Today, Raines’ vision is to continue positioning itself as a premier hospitality investment, development, and management company in the Southeast. We plan to do this through thoughtful, strategic growth in and around the markets we are currently in, and with the right partners. This strategy enables Raines to compete effectively and profitably within our industry while driving a company culture and workplace for which people want to work.”

Jones says she is grateful for the opportunities that have fostered her growth at the company, where she arrived nearly a decade earlier with little more than “a natural curiosity and eagerness to learn.” She makes special mention of Raines, who she says “brought me into meetings and conversations early on that exposed me to many areas of the business, ultimately, creating a path that led me to where I am today.”

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