Taika Waititi Is Ready for Our Flag Means Death to “Go Deeper Into Relationship Territory”

Taika Waititi Is Ready for Our Flag Means Death to “Go Deeper Into Relationship Territory”


And do you tell them to shut up and do it, anyway?

Yeah, I’m surrounded by a lot of those people who now just accepted that I’m just still going to do it. I think I was doing Thor. I was also editing my soccer movie, which everyone forgot about, including myself.

We’ve been wondering when it’s coming.

Oh, that’s right. I was making a soccer movie, which took a year and I didn’t even watch that film.

Well, because it shot a couple years ago. Right?

It shot just before the pandemic, in November, 2019. It’s been over two years. But yeah, it’s finished and it’s good. We’ve been testing it and people love the film.

So you’re going to have two movies out in one year? Is that where this is headed, maybe?


You said you like to keep busy.

Yeah, but I was doing those two things, I was doing the pirate show, I’ve also been writing other stuff for other people, and just really slutting myself around town, making hay because you never know. You never know when it’s all going to go away or when the window is going to close. For me, I’m like, “I’ve got to hustle and get as much done as possible.”

Has it always felt like that for you or is it now, when you have the ability to green light other people’s stuff and when you can make stuff happen?

So you talk to most people in the industry, it always feels like that. It’s rife with imposter syndrome. It’s like, “I don’t deserve it. It’s all going to go away and there’s never enough.”

Yeah, and nothing changes that over the course of a career.

Nothing. I know a lot of people who have been doing this for 30 years and they’re still like, “I’m so scared the window is going to close.” I’m like, “Dude, you’ve been a star for 30 years. I think you’re fine.” And they’re like, “Well, you never know.” This idea of becoming irrelevant or just forgotten and that there’s always younger, fresher, more hungry people coming up who’ve got, and usually do, have better ideas. Sometimes, when I’m writing and stuff, I’m thankful that I’ve still got good ideas and I’ve still got that hunger and I still feel young. Now and then, I do think…I’m like, “Wow, I used to love writing so much when I wasn’t being paid, whether I had no contracts and no offers and no deadlines.” The only thing…I’d wake up and be like, “This world I’m going to create,” and it was just such a joy to open my laptop. And now, I just associate typing with just 100 people wanting something now.

Yeah, the deadlines.

…The deadlines, and me not having the time to just sit and stare at the ceiling and just daydream for five hours and then go, “Oh, that’s a good idea.” Now, it’s like, “Get it done.” Maybe the work suffers. I don’t know.

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