Ukraine LIVE: Putin Black Sea hell as just ‘8 troops, 2 ships’ left – naval boss ‘missing’

Ukraine LIVE: Putin Black Sea hell as just ‘8 troops, 2 ships’ left – naval boss ‘missing’

Putin’s state media blames Western nazism for Ukraine war

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The Russian base has come under sustained Ukrainian attacks in recent days, as the fight for the strategic island intensifies. Out of 40 members of the special Russian unit stationed there, only eight have returned alive, according to the defence intelligence of Ukraine. Meanwhile, suspicions are growing that the head of Russia’s Black Sea fleet may have been on board the Moskva warship when it sank on April 14.

Admiral Igor Osipov haș “not been seen alive” since the Black Sea fleet’s flagship was hit by Neptune missiles and was conspicuous by his absence at the Victory Day parade on May 9.

One pro-Kyiv source claimed: “The Black Sea Fleet is discussing whether Osipov could have been on board the cruiser Moskva at the time of the attack.”

Ukraine has continued to target Russian ships in the Black Sea in a series of missile and drone attacks, inflicting heavy losses on Putin’s navy.

The success of Ukraine’s attacks have forced the Russians to order most of their Black Sea fleet to retreat to Crimea, leaving only two boats on patrol.

 A Ukrainian intelligence report said: “The ship group of enemy forces left two ships on patrol and the rest is undergoing repair and resupply at bases in Crimea.

“However, the threat of a rocket attack and a desperate landing attack does not diminish.”



INJURED and killed Russian troops from a garrison on Snake Island (Image: @Maxar)

John Varga

Ukraine’s Eurovision win celebrated in style by commentator from his Kyiv bunker

Photos show the moment the Ukraine Eurovision commentator celebrated his country’s stunning success in the pop song contest on Saturday.

Ukraine’s rap-folk band, the Kalush Orchestra, topped the polls at the Eurovision festival, pipping Britain’s Sam Ryder into second place.

Timur Miroshnychenko, Ukraine’s very own Graham Norton, commentated on the music extravaganza from a dank bunker in Kyiv.

The moment Kalush Orchestra were voted winners was captured spectacularly on camera.

A delighted Timur can be seen jumping up and holding his arms aloft in celebration.

Photos also show Ukraine’s service personnel celebrating the victory of their compatriots in the music contest.


Photos show the moment the Ukraine Eurovision commentator celebrated (Image: Instagram)


Photos also show Ukraine’s service personnel celebrating the victory (Image: Instagram)

John Varga

Russia’s Donbas offensive running out of steam as casualties mount

Russia’s Donbas offensive is stalling, according to the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

British intelligence experts claim Russian forces have lost momentum and have fallen significantly behind schedule.

They also estimate that the Russians have lost around one third of the ground forces they committed at the beginning of the invasion in February.

The analysts wrote: “Russia’s Donbas offensive has lost momentum and fallen significantly behind schedule.

“Despite small-scale initial advances, Russia has failed to achieve substantial territorial gains over the past month whilst sustaining consistently high levels of attrition.

“Russia has now likely suffered losses of one third of the ground combat force it committed in February.”

They added: “Russian forces are increasingly constrained by degraded enabling capabilities, continued low morale and reduced combat effectiveness.

“Many of these capabilities cannot be quickly replaced or reconstituted, and are likely to continue to hinder Russian operations in Ukraine.”

u2014 Ministry of Defence ud83cuddecud83cudde7 (@DefenceHQ) May 14, 2022

John Varga

‘END of Russia’ Putin told UK will ‘cripple’ Moscow in swift revenge for nuclear strike

VLADIMIR PUTIN has been warned the horrific launch of a nuclear strike on the world in a desperate last-ditch move to win the war in Ukraine would mean “the end of Russia”.

Russia is believed to have around 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons in its arsenal, with some even powerful enough to kill tens of thousands of people with a single strike.

Vladimir Putin’s surge into Ukraine hasn’t gone to plan, with his troops being met with courageous and spirited resistance from Ukraine.

This has seen Russia suffer swathes of casualties on the battlefield – including forces and high-ranking military generals – while troops have been forced out of Ukrainian cities they had been confident of occupying.

Now with Putin having his back against the wall, this has triggered fears Moscow may now turn to using nuclear weapons in a desperate to get its crumbling war strategy firmly back on track.

But Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy expert and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, warned Putin launching a nuclear strike on the West “would be the end of Russia”.

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