Unival Logistics Offers High-Value Item Shipping Insurance

Unival Logistics Offers High-Value Item Shipping Insurance

In 2022 is easier to speak about the shipping of high-value goods by mentioning the tricky subject of insurance. But, “what is shipping insurance” and why is it important? This form of insurance reimburses you for any lost, damaged, or stolen items that may occur during the shipping process.

But why are the customers still dealing with an issue where most shipping companies do not cover high-value items insurance, which often leads to huge losses when something is lost or stolen during transportation?


Package theft in the USA has reached soaring rights, with 1.7 million packages lost or stolen daily. As many as one in three Americans report stolen goods daily, resulting in $25 million in lost packages. As PwC/LIMRA research stated, 60% of consumers in the U.S. do not feel financially confident or protected across their long-term emergency and security needs.

The truth is that shipping, by nature, entails a lot of potential dangers. All major carriers publicly admit that things can get lost or destroyed. Therefore ensuring high-value products is the best and safest action and addresses the essential need of every customer.


“A lot could go wrong during the delivery process – from a human error to natural hazards. It is unlikely, but in this case, especially if you are dealing with expensive items, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Along with tracking the item, you must ensure that whatever you deliver has proper insurance.” Ahmed Al-Kazweeny – President of Unival Logistics

Shipping insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that your valuable cargo is protected and that you will not face a significant financial hit if your items get lost or stolen during shipping. It ensures that your priceless possessions arrive at their destination safely and securely. 


Unival Logistics is determined to keep all customers’ valuables covered during the shipping process. Understanding the importance of high-value items shipping insurance is critical, and the companies providing full-value insurance, even for high-end items like diamonds, tech, or artwork, will be at the forefront.

Understanding customers’ needs and putting additional effort into developing the science of transporting valuable cargo worldwide will help you to stand out. Shipping companies should provide customers with an extra layer of security and ensure that shipping with insurance is affordable and hassle-free.

By utilizing industry-specific insurance coverage and safe overseas delivery, you’ll be on the right path to mitigate risks during transport. Do your research to discover the best solution for your needs, which takes full responsibility for lost cargo and provides freight coverage in case of fire, break-in, water damage, and theft. Trusted platforms like Unival Logistics offer $100,000 international and $150,000 domestic insurance limits.


Your valuable goods are an absolute priority, and shipping insurance is a must for your security. It will protect you in the face of unpleasant situations and ensure you are covered no matter what issues arise during the shipping process.

Unival Logistics is committed to providing the best possible service and ensuring that the client’s valuable possessions are protected during the client’s process.

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