Watch Sony’s CES 2023 keynote in under 9 minutes

Watch Sony’s CES 2023 keynote in under 9 minutes

Sony has focused its CES efforts of late on electric cars, now in partnership with Honda, and this year was more of the same. Sony Honda Mobility unveiled its first prototype called Afeela, replacing the previous Vision-S 02. Its laden with sensors (radar, ultrasonic, cameras and more), uses Qualcomm’s new automotive chip and promises “interactive communication between mobility and people” via the so-called Media Bar. Pre-orders will start in mid-2025 with deliveries scheduled for spring of 2026.

Sony also provided a first look at its Neill Blomkamp-directed Gran Turismo movie, revealed that the Gran Turismo 7 game would be getting PlayStation VR 2 support and announced that Beat Saber was also coming to PSVR 2. The PlayStation 5 console has now passed 30 million units sold, and from now on, anyone who wants a PS5 should be able to get one.

Finally, the company revealed Project Leonardo aimed at building controllers that are easier to use for people with limited motor control. Taking a page from Microsoft’s gaming accessibility efforts, it uses a set of customizable circular gamepads. There’s no release date window or price yet. 

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