WATCH: Wendy Williams’ Former Lawyer Shares Video Of Her Two Weeks Before Being Put In A Guardianship

WATCH: Wendy Williams’ Former Lawyer Shares Video Of Her Two Weeks Before Being Put In A Guardianship

The financial adviser who represented Wendy Williams until her placement in a court-ordered guardianship is speaking out and questioning her deteriorating health.

Earlier this week, The Shade Room reported that a representative for Williams stated she has been diagnosed with dementia and aphasia.

Wendy Williams’ Former Lawyer Criticizes Her Guardianship

The news left many in complete shock, as it was just three years ago when Williams was still spilling the tea on her successful talk show.

Per Page Six, one of those concerned observers is her ex-financial adviser, LaShawn Thomas of the Miami Entertainment Law Group, who shared a video of her former client to her Instagram on Friday (February 23).

The attorney allegedly recorded the video just two weeks before the court ordered Wendy to return to New York to respond to a guardianship petition that Wells Fargo had filed.

In contrast to the trailer of Lifetime‘s ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’, which shows Williams incoherent at times, Williams appears aware and alert in the video shared by the lawyer.

Thomas claims in the accompanying caption that someone threatened him with “physical and financial harm” if he were to speak on the situation.

Still, Thomas lifted the lid on her personal experience with Williams, particularly highlighting the clip, where the former radio personality seemed her usual witty self.

Wendy’s Relationship With Her Son Before Her Guardianship

Recalling her time with the 59-year-old, Thomas explained how she had been with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., in Miami, Florida, at the time.

They were practically inseparable while she was in her family’s care, adding that the 23-year-old showed deep affection for his mother during their time together.

“You can clearly see the difference between Wendy’s well-being during her time here in Florida with her son caring for her and her lack thereof in New York under this ‘guardianship,’” she wrote. “These Wendys are not the same. How did her health deteriorate so quickly, and why isn’t her only child allowed to be by her side. She wasn’t like that when he cared for him. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS!”

Meanwhile, on Thursday (February 22), Williams’ guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, reportedly filed a lawsuit against A&E Network, Lifetime’s parent company.

The purpose of the court filing remains unclear since they sealed the documents. Moreover, TMZ reports that she filed a restraining order, typically used against an entertainment-based company to prevent the release of a movie, show, or song.

Why Is Wendy’s Family Unable To Contact Her?

Thomas is questioning why they have stripped Williams’ son of the right to be with his mother, especially now that she’s battling dementia.

As previously revealed, her family says they have no direct access to her and are unsure of her actual whereabouts since the guardian never disclosed that. They can allegedly only receive phone calls from her.

But if she does have dementia, commonly known to trigger memory loss and other thinking abilities, it’s unlikely that she’s in regular contact with them.

“If Wendy’s diagnosis is true, now more than ever, her son should be allowed that same grace. He deserves it … and most importantly, Wendy deserves it,” the lawyer concluded.

The highly anticipated documentary, titled ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ premieres Saturday (February 24) on Lifetime, followed by part 2 on February 25.

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