What if your successful career and perfect relationship is just not enough?

What if your successful career and perfect relationship is just not enough?

SPONSORED – 28-year-old Linda is a successful psychologist who has been dating her boyfriend, Paul for two years, but she is bored in her relationship. She lives vicariously through her clients: •Thandeka, the unhappy happily married woman. •Sipho, the recovering junkie. •Vanesh, an Indian man whose parents want to dictate who he marries. •A Pansexual client.

For her birthday, Paul organises a surprise party for her and invites their friends, Tshepi and her husband Tebello, as well as Linda’s parents, Sechaba and Selina. Also at the party is a sexy photographer, Jade who Linda ends up sleeping with, just before Paul proposes to Linda, and Linda accepts… Will she leave Paul, and how far will Paul push her, when he finds out that Linda is sleeping with Jade?

But these are not the only triangles … Tshepi struggles with infertility and when Tebello finds out, he is gutted as he wants to start a family. Tebello sleeps with Linda and when Linda falls pregnant, it is unclear who the father of her unborn baby is. When Paul finds out that Linda and Tebello slept together, he does an amniotic test on the unborn baby, which confirms that Tebello is the father.

Linda gives her baby to Tshepi and Tebello to raise as their own.

Splintered Pieces reveals the entanglement and complications couples find themselves in, even when it all seems perfect and too good to be true on the surface. Secrets, unexpressed desires, unspoken challenges in relationships, exploring and overstepping boundaries, are all part of this provocative and revealing series. See more here: https://youtu.be/H_grhmBtw10

Splintered Pieces has 13 episodes and launches on 20 October, exclusive to eVOD with a stunning cast. The series accurately captures the unspoken reality of current-day relationships.

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