Wilmer Valderrama’s Girlfriend: All About His Fiancee Amanda Pacheco & Past Relationships

Wilmer Valderrama’s Girlfriend: All About His Fiancee Amanda Pacheco & Past Relationships

Wilmer Valderrama, Amanda Pacheco

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Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco
West Hollywood Edition Preview Party, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Oct 2019

Wilmer Valderrama and girlfriend Amanda Pacheco
Nu Wave Swim Vitamin A Show, Front Row, Miami Swim Week, USA - 12 Jul 2019

Wilmer Valderrama and girlfriend Amanda Pacheco
Nu Wave Swim Vitamin A Show, Front Row, Miami Swim Week, USA - 12 Jul 2019

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Wilmer Valderrama is set to appear on season 21 of his popular series NCIS, which premieres tonight on CBS. The actor has earned a lot of success in the entertainment industry since starting his career in the 1990s, and in addition to his busy work schedule, he has a busy love life. He has been engaged to Amanda Pacheco since 2020 and the happy lovebirds have already started a family.

Wilmer has gushed over Amanda in interviews more than once and they’ve both shared memorable moments with each other on social media. They also write sweet messages that include loving words that reflect their admiration and gratitude for each other. Find out more about Wilmer’s soon-t0-be wife Amanda as well as his past romances below.

Amanda Pacheco

Wilmer and Amanda, who is a model, were first introduced by a mutual friend and started dating in 2019. He previously said he felt a “gravitational pull” toward the beauty. “There was just something about her that told me I needed to know this person,” he told Parents. He also mentioned that he switched from texting in English to Spanish after she mentioned that she was of Mexican descent, but didn’t realize she wasn’t fluent in the language. “So I had Wilmer on my phone in one hand, and my dad translating for me on another phone in my other hand! We always joke that Wilmer and my dad are really the ones who fell in love with each other,” Amanda also told the outlet.

One of  Wilmer and Amanda’s first public sightings was shopping in Los Angeles, CA the same year they first started dating. They then attended the wedding of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in June 2019.

In addition to modeling with Scout Model & Talent Agency, Amanda is a scuba divemaster, and according to her Instagram bio, she is a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) divemaster.

After dating for months, Wilmer proposed on a beach in San Diego on New Year’s Day in 2020. They announced the happy news via Instagram and shared a photo, which can be seen above, of the romantic moment.”‘It’s just us now’ 01-01-2020,” the excited groom-to-be captioned the post. She also showed off her gorgeous pear-shaped diamond engagement ring.

In December 2020, Wilmer and Amanda announced they were expecting a baby together. She gave birth to a daughter they named Nakano Oceana on February 15, 2021. “Life is an ever evolving journey, and for all those times when our path needs a light.. often angels are sent to show us the way and that we can be more … straight out of heaven we welcome our first daughter,” they wrote alongside new photos of their newborn on Instagram.

Amanda’s romance with Wilmer and her role as a mother to Nakano are just two things in her life she’s passionate about. The talented gal is also an advocate for cancer awareness after losing her mother to ovarian cancer. She has raised funds for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by participating in walks and other events.

Despite being busy parents, Wilmer and Amanda, who have attended various industry events together, have managed to make their romance a priority as well. “I think that’s a testament to us. They tell you, ‘It’s all about the baby,’ but when you’re both with the baby, you can forget about each other. The baby is our priority,” Wilmer shared with Parents. “But,” he added, turning toward Amanda, “you are mine too.”

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly
Wilmer reportedly dated Minka Kelly in 2012. (Getty Images)

Wilmer was rumored to have dated actress Minka Kelly for a brief time in 2012 and 2016, but it’s never been confirmed. They have been spotted cozily out and about with each other at restaurants and on a trip in Mexico in the past, but Minka insists they’re just pals. In 2016, she told Power 106 that they were “good friends” and didn’t consider him her ex. “He’s a good friend to me,” she said in the radio interview. “And it’s funny—he’s not my ex. We are good friends, and we always have been. We’re not exes!”

“Wilmer’s a really, really good person, and any woman would be lucky to have him,” she added.

Demi Lovato

Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato
Wilmer and Demi Lovato dated on and off from 2010 until 2016. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and singer Demi Lovato dated on and off for six years beginning from 2010 until 2016. They have both been open about their romance and Demi even revealed that Wilmer “saved” her life when she struggled with bulimia, addiction and bipolar disorder.

“I think it’s healthy to be able to start over with someone else. Being sick was always a part of my relationship with him; I always had something wrong with me,” Demi told Glamour in November 2016. “I needed to let go of that. It was hard to depart from somebody who saw everything, but it may be nice to start fresh with somebody. Because that person I was when I was a lot younger is not who I am today.”

Demi sang about their age difference in her song “29,” which was released in 2022. He was 29 and she was 18 when they first started a romance.


Wilmer was rumored to date Rihanna in 2009. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and singer Rihanna sparked romance rumors in 2009, when they were reportedly seen chatting it up and getting cozy at various Hollywood hot spots. He was even said to have a bottle of champagne waiting for her when he hosted a karaoke night at the Geisha House that year, but their love story has never been confirmed. Some sources also called the connection a “fling” for Rihanna.

Avril Lavigne

Wilmer Valderrama, Avril Lavigne
Wilmer and Avril Lavigne were rumored to date in 2009. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and singer Avril Lavigne were rumored to be dating shortly after she split from her husband Deryck Whibley from Sum 41 in 2009. Nothing was ever confirmed and little is known about their connection.

Ashlee Simpson

Wilmer Valderrama, Ashlee Simpson
Wilmer reportedly dated Ashlee Simpson in 2005. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and singer Ashlee Simpson reportedly dated for almost a year in 2005. They never confirmed it themselves, but they were seen on various outings together and Ashlee’s song “Boyfriend” is allegedly about her time with the That ’70s Show star. Wilmer also told PEOPLE that they were friends for years “before people were saying we were making out.”

Mischa Barton

Wilmer Valderrama, Mischa Barton
Wilmer and Mischa reportedly dated in 2004. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and actress Mischa Barton were rumored to be dating in 2004, when she was at the height of her fame from starring in The O.C. They appeared at a few events together, including the 2004 Teen Choice Awards, where they presented an award together, but never confirmed a romance.

Lindsay Lohan

Wilmer Valderrama, Lindsay Lohan
Wilmer and Lindsay Lohan dated in 2004 . (Getty Images)

Wilmer and actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly dated for two months in 2004. They then got engaged but broke things off two months later. She later revealed her song “Over” was inspired by Wilmer breaking her heart.

Mandy Moore

Wilmer Valderrama, Mandy Moore
Wilmer and Mandy Moore dated from around 2000-2002. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and singer/actress Mandy Moore dated from around 2000 until 2002. They also remained friendly but Wilmer ruffled feathers when he claimed he took her virginity, in a tell-all interview with Howard Stern in 2006. Mandy later denied the claim and called his words “utterly tacky.”

Majandra Delfino

Wilmer Valderrama, Majandra Delfino
Wilmer and Majandra Delfino were rumored to date around 2000. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and actress Majandra Delfino were rumored to be dating around 2000. The alleged lovebirds even posed for a cozy photo, in which he kissed the Roswell star on the cheek, at an award ceremony, which can be seen above.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Wilmer Valderrama, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Wilmer and Jennifer Love Hewitt reportedly dated in 1999. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt reportedly dated in late 1999. Although they didn’t confirmed the romance for years, Wilmer claimed they had a sexual relationship during an interview. Jennifer, however, has denied the sexual encounter or encounters took place.

Mila Kunis

Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis
Wilmer and costar Mila Kunis were rumored to date in 1999. (Getty Images)

Wilmer and his That ’70s Show costar Mila Kunis reportedly dated around 1999 during filming of their series. It’s never been confirmed.

Ariana Richards

Wilmer Valderrama, Ariana Richards
Wilmer and Ariana Richards reportedly dated in 1999. (Getty Images)

Wilmer reportedly dated painter and former actress Ariana Richards for a month in 1999 before they separated. They attended an event for the film Varsity Blues that same year. They posed for a photo on the red carpet, which can be seen above.

Christina Milian

Wilmer Valderrama, Christina Milian
Wilmer and Christina Milian reportedly dated in 1998. (Getty Images)

Wilmer reportedly dated singer Christina Milian in 1998. Their alleged romance took place when they were teenagers and reportedly lasted three months. They later presented an award together at the 2005 People’s Choice Awards. A photo from the moment can be seen above.

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