Women’s LINK members attend The Art of Leadership Conference

Women’s LINK members attend The Art of Leadership Conference

The Ritchie Bros. Women’s LINK Employee Resource Group (ERG) provides empowerment and support for all through community, connection, and development.​ To advance its mission related to development, Women’s LINK sponsored 14 members and two colleagues from Ritchie Bros. Financial Services in the Vancouver area to attend The Art of Leadership Conference earlier this month. The conference provided practical tips and innovative strategies to help attendees expand upon their leadership skills and drive positive change within their teams and organization.

Check out what people had to say about the conference and what they learned below:

“I had an amazing time getting to know my colleagues, sharing insightful takeaways from our speakers, and connecting through laughter with our similar shared experience. Ritchie Bros. is most certainly a company that is invested in their employees and having open conversations about diversity, culture, and our ever-changing work landscape. Having front row seats to some of the biggest speakers on disruption, inclusion, leadership, and living a bold life really helped to put into perspective that I am with the right organization to take risks and live big.”

Rani Hayden, FP&A Analyst and Women’s LINK member

“The Art of Leadership conference was such a rewarding experience! It was inspiring to listen to the keynote speakers share their industry knowledge. I feel empowered as a leader with tools to support my team and colleagues.”

Vicki Malinski, Learning & Talent Development Specialist and Women’s LINK member

“I would like to express my gratitude for providing the opportunity to go to this summit. I was able to network with both internal and external candidates and discuss some current trends happening in the workforce today. I learned that a lot of us are navigating the same obstacles and to take the time to slow down, think and “make wastage” of our time to better innovate.”

Chelsea Netzlaw, Financial Operations Specialist and Women’s LINK member

“I really enjoyed the day at The Art of Leadership Conference and was honored to hear from a variety of speakers on topics such as disruption and innovation, diversity and inclusion, culture and retention, performance and accountability as well as leading through difficult times. There were certainly some valuable insights that I have taken away that I hope start some great discussions within my team. Thank you to Ritchie Bros. and Women’s LINK for providing the opportunity to attend this event.”

Lisa Van Hattem, FP&A Manager and Women’s LINK member

“I really enjoyed The Art of Leadership Conference. It was so inspiring to see how there are so many different ways to lead people. Each speaker had a different approach and environment in which they lead teams of people. My key takeaway would be that if I can just implement one point from each speaker, I will be able to make a difference to those around me. Making a difference has an impact, no matter how big or small.”

Sarah Ganton, Equity Analyst and Women’s LINK member

Thank you all for representing Ritchie Bros. at the conference and for bringing your learnings back to the organization!

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