Yellowjackets Star Christina Ricci Opens Up About Facing Financial Hardships, Raising Her Family

Yellowjackets Star Christina Ricci Opens Up About Facing Financial Hardships, Raising Her Family

Updated March 31st, 2024 at 22:13 IST

Christina Ricci was last seen in the Emmy-nominated series Yellowjackets. She recently opened up about fiscal responsibility in light of raising a family.

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci

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Christina Ricci is getting candid about her finances. Despite being an established actress, raising a family, has been a tedious task, even for her. Ricci recently reflected on navigating the same.

Christina Ricci recalls the time she was ‘broke’

Christina Ricci recently appeared on the Let’s Be Clear With Shannen Doherty podcast. For the unversed, Ricci shares her 8-year-old son Freddie with ex-husband James Heerdegen and is also mother to her 15-month-old daughter Cleo with husband Mark Hampton. She opened up about balancing her finances over the years. 

She said, “I’ve gone through periods as an adult where we were really, really broke. You just have that thing of, ‘I don’t ever want to feel this way ever again.’ It’s like this visceral feeling. I don’t ever want to feel this helpless, because I think that’s what not having a lot of money makes you feel like. You feel very helpless…There’s a ton of that pressure and it’s hard. You have to work to support your family but at the same time you working takes away time from your family. So yeah, it’s difficult but I’m in a really good place now. Again, I have a really supportive husband.”

Christina Ricci reflects on social media negativity

She said, “You do hear the negative stuff the loudest, and it’s tough. I have experience with a person who his whole thing is just posting horrible, nasty things about me. It’s like all stuff that’s made up, horrible things about my children, my family. So I’ve just really had to ignore it. It’s that school ground mentality…but on such a huge level and such a public platform”.

Further speaking about the time she was promoting her show Yellowjackets, Ricci recalled feeling extremely conscious about how she was looking, a direct derivation of social media chatter. She said, “When I started doing press for Yellowjackets and having to post on social media images of myself, just even as somebody over 40, I had a really hard time. I had a really hard time seeing these images. I had a really hard time reposting them. I really couldn’t reconcile caring about what I looked like so much”. 

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