Arfa Kareem Foundation Announces Scholarship Program for Deserving Students of Pakistan

Arfa Kareem Foundation Announces Scholarship Program for Deserving Students of Pakistan

The Punjab University Department of Social Work, in partnership with the Sughra Begum Centre for Education Policy and Development and the Arfa Karim Foundation, came together to host a seminar titled ‘Education, Social Innovation, and Social Development: Arfa Karim’s Dream’.

This seminar was held at Al Raazi Hall, providing a platform to discuss and explore Arfa Karim’s vision for education and social development.

One of the key initiatives introduced during the seminar was the Arfa Karim Fellowship program. This program aims to support education by providing scholarships to 50 deserving students.

The speakers emphasized the importance of leveraging advancements in the IT sector to address challenges in education, particularly in reaching out-of-school children. This reflects Arfa Karim’s enduring legacy as a symbol of inspiration in the field of technology and education.

Among the distinguished attendees were Dr. Sonia Umar, Director of the Sughra Begum Centre for Education Policy and Development, Dr. Uzma Ashiq, Chairperson of the Department of Social Work, Samina Karim, Chairperson of the Arfa Karim Foundation, as well as other notable figures from academia and the social sector.

Their presence underscored the significance of collaboration and collective efforts in advancing education and social development initiatives.

In another educational endeavor, the University of Okara’s Directorate of Career Counseling, in collaboration with e-Rozgaar, organized a training workshop focused on freelancing, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

Led by Dr. Nasrin Akhtar, Director of Career Counseling, this workshop aimed to equip students with essential skills relevant to the evolving digital landscape.

During the workshop, the e-Rozgaar team emphasized the importance of utilizing online platforms for learning and skill development, rather than solely for leisure activities. By encouraging students to channel their online time towards acquiring new skills, the workshop aimed to empower them to thrive in the digital economy.

The University of Okara administration’s commitment to providing students with opportunities to learn and excel in emerging fields was evident through their support for initiatives like the e-Rozgaar workshop.

By exposing students to advanced technologies and practical skills training, the university aims to prepare them for success in professional life and contribute meaningfully to the digital workforce.

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