Over 5 Million Worshipers Pray at Prophet’s Mosque During the First Week of Ramadan

Over 5 Million Worshipers Pray at Prophet’s Mosque During the First Week of Ramadan

Throughout the past week, the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina has witnessed an impressive congregation of over 5.2 million worshippers and visitors who gathered to perform daily prayers.

This significant influx of people highlights the importance of the mosque as a central place of worship and spiritual significance for Muslims worldwide.

To ensure that the needs of these worshippers and visitors were met, the General Authority for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque implemented comprehensive services and facilities.

In a detailed report issued by the authority, it was highlighted that during the first week of Ramadan in the year 1445 Hijri, a multitude of services were provided to cater to the diverse needs of worshippers and visitors.

Among the notable statistics shared in the report, over 414,878 individuals had the unique opportunity to greet the Prophet (PBUH) and his two companions during their visit to the mosque.

A significant number of male and female visitors, totaling 134,447 and 107,697 respectively, performed prayers at Al Rawdah Al Sharifah, an area of profound significance within the mosque. To ensure smooth operations and crowd management, the authority meticulously organized schedules for both men and women, facilitating a peaceful and orderly atmosphere for prayer and reflection.

The authority also made provisions to assist vulnerable groups within the visitor demographic, offering specialized services to 10,482 elderly and disabled individuals. Furthermore, efforts were made to accommodate visitors from diverse linguistic backgrounds, with communication services provided in multiple languages to accommodate the needs of 110,412 international visitors.

In addition to spiritual services, the educational resources of the mosque’s library were accessed by 12,279 visitors seeking knowledge and enlightenment. Moreover, exhibitions and museums within the mosque premises attracted 4,567 individuals, providing them with opportunities for cultural enrichment and historical insights.

The authority went above and beyond in providing support and assistance to visitors, distributing 149,149 gifts and offering 648,411 guidance and counseling services through various communication channels.

Field services were also prioritized, with 94,814 visitors receiving spatial guidance to navigate the mosque’s premises, and an additional 36,172 visitors facilitated in moving between different areas of the mosque.

The extensive range of services and facilities provided by the General Authority for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque reflects their commitment to ensuring a positive and enriching experience for worshippers and visitors alike.

Through their efforts, they contribute significantly to maintaining the sanctity and significance of the Prophet’s Mosque as a revered place of worship and spiritual reflection for Muslims worldwide.

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