India Targets 30% Electric Vehicle Sales by 2030

India Targets 30% Electric Vehicle Sales by 2030

India is setting an ambitious goal to electrify its roads, aiming for 30% of all new car sales to be electric vehicles by 2030. This push comes amid a confluence of factors making electric cars more attractive to Indian consumers.

Electric vehicles are now the most economical option in India when considering total ownership costs, surpassing even CNG vehicles. Government incentives, coupled with falling battery prices and rising traditional fuel costs, are driving the surge in demand for EVs.

To address the crucial issue of charging infrastructure, the Indian government is actively supporting the development of alternative fuel stations through subsidies and grants, as reported by ANI, a partner of TV BRICS.

Despite the initial higher purchase price of electric cars, their lower running and maintenance costs, combined with government support, are making them increasingly competitive with traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

Experts believe the Indian car market is at a tipping point, with electric and CNG vehicles vying for dominance alongside established petrol and diesel options. The future of the industry will hinge on factors like continued government policy support, technological advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure, and ultimately, consumer preferences.

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